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Buying a Home Post-Coronavirus World: What to Expect?

Buying a Home Post-Coronavirus World: What to Expect?

The post-coronavirus world is going to be different in many ways. It has already impacted various industries across sectors including the real estate. Once the locked down is lifted, the approach of home buyers is bound to undergo a radical change too, with most also understanding the importance of why buying a house is better than renting.

More importantly, this sense of owning a house would spur homebuyers in making decisions based on the current situation, so that they are future-ready. Thus, what would be the expectation of home buyers post the COVID-19 pandemic? Let’s find out!

Expectations of the Home Buyers Post COVID-19

  • Locality of the Housing Project

The locality of the housing project is going to be an important consideration post the current pandemic, as most home buyers would be sceptical of buying a house in a densely populated area. Social distancing would be a necessity in the future and not just a norm. Also, home buyers would look for easy accessibility of essential facilities like hospitals, schools, colleges, among others nearby to cut-back on extensive travelling, even within the city.

  • Bigger Homes, More Indoor Space

The current lockdown has made people realize the importance of having bigger homes so that everyone in the family could have their individual space for work and leisure. A home is always been synonymous with a place, wherein we relax and rejuvenate. However, post-COVID-19, work-from-home as well as virtual schools are likely to be a reality for which we need to be prepared for. So, the trend for property investment in Mumbai, in the residential segment, is likely to see a rise in the demand for 2BHK and 3BHK flats etc.

  • Abundant Outdoor Space

For those looking for a house to buy post-COVID-19, having a safe outdoor space is going to be another top priority. For people used to having an active social life before the pandemic and lockdown, staying in the house at all times would not have been pleasant. Same goes for the kids as well as the senior citizen.

Thus, the post-COVID-19 era, home buyers would be looking for housing projects that offer abundant open spaces, wherein kids can play safely, senior citizens could go for a walk, and adults could breathe in the fresh air after a long day at work. Even having a balcony would be a consideration for home buyers, as a space to relax or meditate.

  • Essential Amenities

Home buyers decision to purchase a house would also depend on the amenities provided by the real estate developer. Amenities like hospitals, pharmacist, grocery stores, schools, and restaurants nearby would be seen as more important than let’s say a swimming pool. Likewise, for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, an in-house gym, badminton court, cycling zone, etc would be the top consideration when looking for a home post COVID-19

  • Close to Nature

While buying a house has been a dream for most, getting one close to nature as always been a challenge in the urban city. Because of limited housing options, individuals has to deal with the hustle-bustle and the crowd. But, the recent pandemic has made it all the more necessary to be close to nature, wherein you are surrounded by a pollution-free environment that helps improve the quality of life and reduce stress considerably.

#Why Shapoorji Pallonji Vicinia is a Good Choice? How Does it Fulfil These Post COVID-19 Expectations?

Shapoorji Pallonji is a renowned name in the realty sector and has been known to provide the best of luxury experiences along with abundant amenities with all its housing projects. Shapoorji Pallonji Vicinia is their new project located near Chandivali (close to Powai) that offers 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 3.5 BHK apartments.

  • One of the top expectations of home buyers post COVID-19 is the locality of the housing project. Here, SP Vicinia is an excellent upcoming location in the suburbs of Mumbai that is nestled amidst 6.7 acres, offering well-appointed luxury towers that are surrounded by bountiful nature.
  • It offers you the option of 2/3/3.5 BHK apartments, which takes care of the need for bigger homes. These apartments also come with a balcony that provides you with mesmerizing hill-views from the comfort of your home.
  • The Vicinia project by Shapoorji Pallonji offers world-class amenities and is also closer to several essential social and civic infrastructure, which makes it an ideal option for property investment in Chandivali, Mumbai.
  • With 6.7 acres of land, the need for open spaces is also taken care of with a host of daily activities and leisure. It is also close to nature, which is another perk for those looking to buy 2 BHK flats in Chandivali.

To sum up;

During this volatile and unusual times, wherein home buyers are not sure if investing in real estate during the lockdown is a wise choice or not, SP Vicinia offers you #CertaintyInUncertainTimes along with a host of benefits that could make buying a home of your dreams a reality sooner rather than later.

Some benefits offered by Shapoorji Pallonji are as under:

  • Assured rent.
  • EOI with free look-in period.
  • Price protection guarantee.
  • Transfer fee waiver.
  • Reduced stamp duty and home loan rates.
  • GST waiver.
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