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Tips to Refurbish Your Home During COVID-19 At No Cost

Tips to Refurbish Your Home During COVID-19 At No Cost

While we are living in vulnerable times and there is little we can do about changing the situation, most people have turned the Coronavirus lockdown as an opportunity to do things they didn’t have time for before. Some took to reading while many people experimented with their cooking skills.

So, if you were planning to redo or refurbish your home, you can do it now.

You might be wondering there are no resources to refurbish your home during COVID-19, right? But, the good news is; you can refurbish your home with some amazing things at no cost. Continue reading to know more.

Tips to Refurbish Your Home During COVID-19

  • Start with Decluttering

It might sound clichéd to you, but de-cluttering is the first step to refurbishing your house. Simply divide your de-cluttering into four different categories; clothes, shoes, books, and sentimental items. Now, start the process of de-cluttering with your wardrobe and discard all the clothes that you don’t wear. You always have an option to donate clothes to the needy.

Then move to your shoe section and do away with shoes that are of no use. Books and papers should be discarded separately as it could take some time. If you are an avid reader, then it is anyway difficult to discard books.

Next, move to things that hold sentimental value. This is the most difficult part. There may be many unused items in your house as old as ten to twenty years. You hold on to those things because of sentimental value. But, if you want to redo your space, then you must discard those things.

Change makes way for new things in life. The process of de-clutter is time-consuming, but it’ll surely give you the required space in your home. Space that can be utilized for keeping other things you love.

  • Make DIY Artifacts

If you are an ardent collector of artifacts, it is time to make DIY artifacts. These artifacts not only looks amazing but also enhance the look of your room. You could make one for a living room or your bedroom corner.

In this tech-savvy age, tons of videos are available on YouTube to help you make DIY artifacts. And the best part is, some videos let you make artifacts from the things you already have. Some are based on the ‘best-out-of-waste’ concept.

If you are good at painting, make a painting and hang it in your bedroom. A charcoal sketch looks wonderful, and there are many videos available that are dedicated to charcoal painting. Home improvement starts with creativity and productivity, so make an effort, as the results would be simply amazing.

  • Create a Dedicated Space and Organize Well

Refurbish your house by creating a dedicated space. Simply change the furniture position and redo the setting. Create separate space for tables and cabinets. If you have kept things randomly, then it may affect the appearance of the room.

Do away with furniture that is not needed. The idea is to create a space that looks uncluttered and well-ventilated.

It is also important to organize your home. Most people don’t organize well and that causes lack of space. For organizing your kitchen, it is important to have dedicated shelves for groceries and other things. Also, keep things that you use daily in the upper shelf of your kitchen cabinet so you can access those things quickly.

Organize your wardrobe and cabinets including bookshelves. Creating a new space may take time, but as every person is under coronavirus lockdown, creating something from limited resources can be a wonderful attempt to change the way your home looks.

  • Get Your Home Garden in Shape

If you have a home garden, then it is time to get it in shape. Summer season is the best time to get rid of flowerbeds and extra weeds. Cut the plants that are dry and arid. You can also plant new plants if you have time. Try organic gardening, where you can try planting vegetable seeds. Plant fresh herbs in your home garden as it’ll give you a new experience.

If you have space, then make the right use of it. Organic gardening can be a refreshing change for you amid coronavirus lockdown.

  • Focus on Smart Housekeeping

Smart housekeeping is all about the collective efforts of your family. As everyone is at home in this lockdown, it is important to focus on smart housekeeping, so simply distribute the tasks among your family members.

One person can take care of washing while the other can manage the kitchen. You can also divide dusting chores among your family. This not only helps to keep your home clean and sanitized but will also help you in smart housekeeping.

  • Repair Broken Things

You have the right time, make use of it by repairing things that are broken in your house. Take a tape seal and fix issues that are giving you a lot of stress. You can also resort to easy tricks to fix your broken furniture. Again, you have YouTube videos available that’ll guide you with home repairs.

On a final note,

Though we are forced to stay at home due to coronavirus lockdown, we need to patiently wait for this phase to get over. The pandemic may take time to go unless there is a potential vaccine available.

Instead of getting stressed about the situation, we can put our time to use it in the best possible way. If you always wanted a house that has maximum space, plan for it, and make an effort.

With new paintings, new lights, and space designs, you’ll achieve much more than you think. With self-improvement, it is also a time for home improvement, so get going.


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